Just Saline

A normal saline infusion can help restore fluid balance, maintain blood pressure, support electrolyte levels, and improve overall hydration status.

Contains: Saline


• Supports circulation
• Replenish fluid loss
• Maintain adequate blood pressure
• Prevents cellular swelling and dehydration
• Flushes out toxins and medications
• Aids in maintaing tissue perfusion, delivering oxygen and nutrients to cells

All About This Drip

An infusion of Quench provides the following benefits: It serves as a volume expander, replenishing fluid loss and maintaining adequate blood pressure. The isotonic nature of saline ensures compatibility with the body’s electrolyte balance and prevents cellular swelling or dehydration.

It assists in flushing out toxins and medications, facilitating their elimination from the body. Normal saline also aids in maintaining tissue perfusion, delivering oxygen and nutrients to cells. Overall, normal saline infusion provides hydration, supports circulation, and aids in flushing out toxins, making it a versatile and beneficial medical intervention.