IM Injection

This injection can boost energy levels and support red blood cell production, promoting overall health and wellness. It can also help maintain nerve health and improve metabolism.

Contains: B-12


• Boosts energy levels
• Supports red blood cell production
• Maintains nerve health
• Improves metabolism
• Promotes overall health and wellness

All About This Drip

B-12 injections provide a potent dose of vitamin B-12, which is essential for maintaining nerve health, boosting energy levels, and supporting red blood cell production. This injection can also improve metabolism and promote overall health and wellness.

Vitamin B-12 is found naturally in many animal-based foods, but some people may not get enough through their diet. B-12 injections provide a direct and efficient way to supplement this essential nutrient.

Each injection contains vitamin B-12 which is administered intramuscularly. The injection is quick and virtually painless, and the effects can last for several days.